Leadville Cross Country Ski Council, Inc.

Donate for a Day of Skiing or Snowshoeing at the Golf Course

Your suggested donation of $10 per skier or snowshoer per day will help pay for the fuel and machinery used to groom the trails. The grooming crew members are volunteers. You may donate for your entire party. Or become a member( see below) and you will be good to go for the season.

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Become a Member For 2019/2020 -

Your suggested contribution of $30 Individual/$45 Family  will enable us to meet our goal of providing daily grooming at Mount Massive Golf Course.  Your membership serves as your season ski pass at the golf course. If you can't afford the suggested amount please join anyway. We have lots of volunteer opportunities for you. For those that can afford it, your additional donation above the suggestion will be much appreciated    Use the button below, or: LCCSC  PO Box 730 Leadville, CO 80461 

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

don't I get a Plastic pass? How do you know I'm a member?

We will know you are a member because you kick a few pine cones off the trail every day. And a few sticks, and rocks, and even dog poops that don't belong to your friend. We'll know, because you will grab a shovel without being asked. You will bake cookies for the clubhouse, and answer the call for work crews, and clubhouse hosts. We will see that you are tolerant of your fellow members who ski with their dog or that you do everything in your power to make your dog a welcome guest. We will arrive to find you stacking firewood or splitting kindling. You will be known as part of our club because you take the time to write the letters or attend the meetings that we ask you to. We will know that you are on our team when we hear that you chatted up skiers visiting for the first time, and made them feel welcome, and want to also be members. If a host or board member is squeezing you for a donation for the 22nd time, just gently let us know you have been doing your share.

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Please fill out the form provided after you make your donation.

Leadville Cross Country Ski Council

PO Box 730 Leadville, Colorado 80461




Our mission


Leadville Cross Country Ski Council was founded to be a hands on provider of ski trails at existing multi user venues, and new venues for skiers only, in Lake County, Colorado. We wish to be the voice of cross country skiers to government, private landowners, and other winters trail user groups.